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Morroco – Travelling with Caravane de Reve

The charm of the orient and impressive natural phenomena

We the team of Caravane de Reve (the caravan of dreams) are a family of nomads of the Saharaoui tribe. We would like to bring you closer to the wonder of our environment and our traditional way of life as Saharaoui Nomades.

Our tours start from Marrakesh, Quarzazate, Zagora and Mhamid the gate to the great Sahara desert (Desert tour Marocco). The beauty of the country is experienced on such a tour when the visitor embraces the particular situations which are confronted, opening themselves to the people in the place and to surprises which are sometimes unavoidable on a desert trekking tour through Morrroco.

In order for everything to go to plan so that you may always feel cared for, the experienced team of local employees and guides will balance the experience with adventures as well as relaxation.

For your comfort we offer you our own, familiar and comfortable camps, one in the picturesque dunes of  Erg Lihoudi and the other one in the in the giant dunes of Erg Chigaga.


Experience Morocco – Tours through the desert

Our tours are planned to start in Marrakesch ( Desert tour Marrakesh ), Quarazate, Zagora and M'Hamid. However if you wish we can pick you up anywhere in Morocco. Of course if you want to book something extra special we are happy to plan circular tours in accordance with your wishes.

With us you can take part in beautiful desert journeys, also camel trekking with nomads and exciting off-road tours are part of our portfolio.Through the tours of experience which we developed, we bring you closer to the culture and way of life of the people and with our interesting and varied selection of desert journeys through Morroco to breathtaking wonders of nature which the land offers.

desert tour marrakesh erg chigaga

Desert journeys which make it possible to experience the poetic magic of the countryside while trekking in the Sahara

Erg Chigaga is one of our most impressive destinations which you will discover in Morocco on foot   or trekking by camel. The surrounding countryside is quite desolate and uninviting, this contrasts with the dramatic natural dimension of Erg Chegaga presenting an unforgetable image to the traveller. The experience of travelling in the desert in its broad expanse is an experience like no other. 

It is not only the beauty of the gold / orange shimmering sands which greet the eye, it is the wave like landscape, which is striking as it constantly changes its pattern depending on the winds fancy.

We invite you to a desert journey which will let you experience this poetic magic. It is in this way that our Trekking tours are offered – the concept of the individualised tour through Morroco which avoids the mainstream tourist traps, but instead offers the byways which are only known to the locals. You will experience places which stay hidden from the ordinary tourist. We show you the region from a perspective which will surely thrill you !










Individual journeys through Morocco – so that you can feel at home

Not to say anything against the tourist offers of some Morocco travel companies who promise sun, sand, beach with the odd excursion to the highlights in the inner country and on a trek give you the momentary feeling to be a classical Sahara traveller, who rides like Lawrence of Arabia through Morrocos desert and only sees what he expects to see.

Individual journeys with Caravane de Réve are quite different. What we offer , desert journeys, camel trekking with nomads, are valued by visitors who don't come to our land as tourists but as genuine persons who are interested in the culture and history of Morroco and we are prepared to meet the people living here openly. With this in mind we invite you wholeheartedly to spend time with us in the desert as nomads. We hope you feel at home with us.

Morroco circular-tour  Searching for the individual charm of a country behind the scenes

For those who watch a lot of films THE GREAT SAHARA DESERT will be compared to films like THE MUMMY or GLADIATOR or GAMES OF THRONES whos backdrop you will sense in the vastness of the countryside around the location of Benhaddou.

Whether you could experience the same about land and inhabitants at the foot of the Atlas mountains is another thing. We would much rather encourage you during your circular tour of Morroco to look behind the scenes at that which desert landscapes, people and villages offer you in their unspoilt authentic beauty.

With or without a Camel – When trekking through Morrocos deserts with Nomads we show you Morroco as it really is

With or without a Camel – When trekking through Morrocos deserts with Nomads we show you Morroco as it really is

The well worn paths of tourist caravans through Morrocos deserts are not our way. We would like to lead Morroco visiters to the hidden treasures of the country and give them a very personal introduction into the culture of the inhabitants and their special circumstances.

We do all in our power to make face to face experiences possible which say far more about our country than searching for a film background.

We accompany you on your desert trek or by Camel trekking with nomads through southern Morroco. Depending on your taste or budget you can choose a tour experience to suit your wishes.

And of course we are always in the position to work out with you a tour program of a completely individual nature. This in mind – the motto Individual journey brings us back to our original concept and value. We look forward to getting to know you.

Tour Experiences with Caravane de Reve

  • Day excursions to picked locations
  • Travelling with Camel (Dromedary)
  • Travelling with Camel (Dromedary) and SUV
  • We accomodate your personal travel wishes
  • Individual support at location
  • Experienced local employees at location